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Personal Hygine

Hygiene is defined as the science and art of preserving and improving health. Though we talk on personal hygiene centering on the personal protective measures useful to limit the spread of Infectious diseases, chiefly those transmitted by direct contact, in the broadest sense it is the essence and soul of self care, essential or the preservation and improvement the health of the one’s own body and mind. Performing the daily routines like bath, hand washing, sleeping etc., in the hygienic way is essential for obtaining the desired positive health benefit from those; it is an important basic component of healthy self care too.


How to wash our hands

Handwashing is an example for Precurrent (prophylactic) disinfection. While we wash our hands, the blackened areas are missed most of the time and the dotted areas are frequently omitted. It is for correcting for mistakes WHO has released its directives on routine and washing. It involves nothing but modification of our customary and washing movements to effective ones. Though it will take 15 to 20 seconds for completion of all the movements in the initial stages, on habituating the steps at will, anyone can complete the procedure by 10 seconds.